Wesley College Foundation

The Wesley College Foundation was established in 1978 to enlist the interest and financial support of the members of the College community and friends of Wesley in order to preserve, improve and develop the standards, services and facilities of the College.

The income which Wesley College receives from fees and government grants does not cover the ongoing development of the College.  The College as it stands today is the tangible expression of the work of the Foundation and the generous support given by benefactors.

The Foundation has raised millions of dollars for the benefit of the school, not only for capital projects but also in endowments for scholarships of financially disadvantaged families.

The Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. 

The Board includes the President of Council, the Principal, two nominees of Council, the College’s Business Director & Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Director of the Wesley College Foundation and three other appointees.  The Foundation has its own executive and staff which report through to the Principal.

The Foundation operates several fundraising programs including a bequest program under the title The Sapere Aude Society. The investments of the Foundation are overseen by a sub-committee of the Council Finance and Risk Management Committee.

The Foundation provides monthly reports to the Council and its annual audited report is lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

For further information about the Wesley College Foundation, please follow this link.

Wesley College Foundation

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