Bastion Collective

Founded in 2009, Bastion Collective has grown from a one room operation to become one of the largest, independent, full-service marketing and communications agencies out of Australia. Our main offices are in Melbourne and Sydney, and we have recently grown our team and expanded to Los Angeles and Shanghai too.

Bastion Collective has a unique approach to servicing our clients. We’re a working collective of specialist companies; each one run by passionate experts who have a stake in their own businesses. Because let’s face it, you’re more invested in understanding client needs and producing great work if you have skin in the game. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not just a bunch of individuals beating our own path. We believe that ‘the sum of us beats the one of us’. And we realise that only by working together can we deliver the right solutions, in the right time-frame, for the right money, for our clients.

Walking through any one of Bastion's yellow doors is a commitment to making each other's lives' better by being true to ourselves; and delivering ever-evolving solutions that do what's right.

Why do we exist? To create an environment where everyone can reach their potential. We aim to challenge the status quo, be brave, bold and change the game. We want to do better things, not just create a better way.

We are Bastion Collective. A proudly Australian company with a pioneering spirit. We'd love to work with you and realise what you can achieve.


  • Street: 14-18 Cremorne St
  • Postcode: 3121
  • City: Cremorne
  • State: Victoria
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 9643 6500
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bastion Collective

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